About Port City Metal Services

The Uptime People at Port City are specialists in Intelligent Efficiency. It permeates every thing we do, from stocking a massive, ready-to-go inventory of steel plate, to kitting your parts for faster assembly, to constantly reinvesting in the technology that fuels our advanced processes. It’s this extreme agility that frees us to partner with you, focusing ways big and small to help increase your productivity.


Service_Icons_6axis6-axis Structural Laser Cutting
Expand your parts-fabricating options with 6-axis cutting that produces angled, chamfered, coped, contoured and beveled cuts with exceptionally tight tolerances. Our ability to process preformed materials means fewer operations and setups on complex parts. This translates to shorter fab times, greater speed and enhanced cost-efficiency… in short, more uptime.

Service_Icons_lasercuttingLaser Cutting
Our leading-edge laser cutting technology and expertise gives you more options. With our large- and small- format equipment, we can handle any size job with precision. We’re also proud to have five of the largest laser processing systems in North America.

Service_Icons_plasmaPlasma & Oxyfuel Burning
Our advanced CNC-controlled burn centers will efficiently accommodate your processing needs. Our plasma capabilities offer extreme flexibility in the thicknesses and speeds at which we can produce parts.

Service_Icons_brakingBraking & Rolling
Port City’s array of forming equipment includes some of the largest brakes and plate rolls in the Midwest. Our capabilities can accommodate virtually any rolling and braking requirement, from thin sheet metal parts to large cylinders and transitions, to angle rolling of structured steels.

Service_Icons_drillingDrilling & Machining
In the last three years alone, our customers have trusted us to drill holes totalling over 10 million inches in depth to their exact specifications. Our serious, high-capacity machining centers make the difference. And because they are operated by Uptime People, you can count on high quality and timely delivery.

Our fast and reliable welding services are another example of how we can help you improve your efficiency. Whether you put our trained professionals to work on a stand-alone welding project or integrate their services into one of our multiple-process solutions, you can count on the Uptime People to deliver.

Service_Icons_kittingPrecision Part Leveling & Kitting
Port City’s time-saving kitting services are streamlined to maximize your productivity. Simply let us know all the parts your welders need to complete a specific project. We’ll deliver your finished parts clearly labeled, neatly organized and packaged together into project kits – each ready for immediate fit up and welding.