6-Axis 3D Structural Laser Cutting Services

Complex 3D Structural Laser Cutting with Tightest Tolerances.

Port City Metal Services advances your parts-fabricating options with fully dimensional 3D structural laser cutting technology. Our MAZAK 6-axis cutting capabilities allow us to perform angled, chamfered, coped, contoured, and beveled metal cutting with exceptionally tight tolerances. Our structural processing capabilities reduce the number of operations and setups required to create complex parts, shortening fabrication times and dramatically increasing speed and cost efficiency.

6-Axis Structural Laser Equipment

Port City Metal Services has three 6-AXIS STRUCTURAL LASERS with automatic load/unload capabilities. These 4kW multi-axis lasers have working envelopes up to 16”OD x 40’ long and are equipped with CNC multitool, tapping heads and CNC probe capabilities for increased accuracy. Structural shapes include tubing (rectangular and square), pipe, channel, angle, and beams.

2020 Mazak FG-220 DDL4000 watt8.6"480"
2018 Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 400V III4000 watt16.0"480"
2015 Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 400V II4000 watt16.0"480"